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An Azerty Technologies is the recognized company in security systems and solutions as the company is certified by Royal Oman police and telecommunication regulatory authority. Azerty offering the most comprehensive range of products, services and expertise available in today’s marketplace. With a long and prestigious history of offering high quality products and fanatical customer service, Azerty technologies is the most sought-after product supplier in the security industry.

As the leading video security solutions provider Azerty Technologies offering of discreet camera with the ground-breaking imaging technology that powers IP cameras with high-definition (HD) resolution, advanced lowlight capabilities, consistent color science, and super fast processing power. Also offering alien services on security system, data networking and much more. Ultimately, customer needs lie at the heart of Azerty technologies.

The success of our technical services owes much to our ability to meet the needs of our customers through our highly qualified and experienced engineers; we have pool of expert resources of electronics equipment’s trading.